26 October 1989

Marilyn Jones with baby Stanton prior to a performance of Don Quixote, 1970

Stanton Welch, eldest son of Marilyn Jones and Garth Welch, joins the company. He began his ballet training at the late age of 17, winning a scholarship to the San Francisco Ballet School.

Borovansky Ballet The Borovansky Ballet gives its last performance in Melbourne.

18 February 1961

Peggy van Praagh. Photo Antony Armstrong-Jones Peggy van Praagh returns to Australia to take up the directorship of the new company.

June 1962

Peggy van Praagh, 1962 On this Saturday, the dancers assemble to sign their contracts and take their first class together.

1 September 1962

SandraBingham_LeonieLeahy_PeggyvanPraagh_EastMelbstudios_1962_PhotoDarrylSmythe_730x730 The Australian Ballet has its first day of rehearsals in their East Melbourne studios.

3 September 1962

Image066_ArtistsofTAB_SwanLake_PhotoDarrylSmythe_1962_730x730 The first performance by the company is Peggy van Praagh’s production of Swan Lake at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Sydney.

2 November 1962

Image029_KathleenGeldardbackstageinMelbCupcostume_1962_PhotoDarrylSmythe_731x921 Melbourne Cup, the first work to be commissioned by The Australian Ballet, premieres in Sydney.

16 November 1962

RudolfNureyev_PhotographerUnknown_730x959 Rudolf Nureyev, the explosive superstar recently defected from the Soviet Union, arrives in Sydney.

December 1962

Nikita Dolgushin and Tatiana Zimina in Swan Lake, 1963 Tatiana Zimina and Nikita Dolgushin are the first Soviet guest artists to appear with an Australian company.

9 January 1963

Image 007 Marilyn Jones, Ron Paul (right) The Lady and the Fool. Photo Darryl Smythe_730x960 The Australian Ballet travels to New Zealand for its first international tour.

June 1963

Image 053_730x946 Following the unsuccessful NZ tour, the company is forced to split into two for regional tours of Australia.

23 August – 26 November 1963

T319 4CBW 54 The company moves briefly into its most colourful home, rented premises in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.


Kristian_Fredrikson_Designer_730x1092 Peggy van Praagh commissions a young New Zealander, Kristian Fredrikson, to design the costumes for her new production of Aurora’s Wedding.

March 1964

img-4050853-0001_730x1013 The Australian Ballet School opens under the direction of former Ballet Rambert dancer Margaret Scott.

2 March 1964

Kathleen Gorham and Barry Kitcher in The Display Robert Helpmann's The Display is premiered by The Australian Ballet.

14 March 1964

Jazz Spectrum rehearsals, 1964 Betty Pounder, JC Williamsons’ resident choreographer, makes Jazz Spectrum, a new contemporary work, on The Australian Ballet.

26 March 1964

Fonteyn_Nureyev_PVPGiselle1964_02PhotoDavidMist_730x730 Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev arrive to guest with The Australian Ballet in Swan Lake and Giselle.

April 1964

Le Conservatoire Paul Gnatt 1965 photo_730x915 Poul Gnatt stages the Bournonville work Le Conservatoire for the company.

6 February 1965

Peggy van Praagh and Robert Helpmann, 1965 Robert Helpmann is appointed co-artistic director of The Australian Ballet after the premiere of his new ballet Yugen.

18 February 1965

T319 IM 0775 The company jets off on a five-month international tour, which includes London, Paris, Lebanon, LA and Hawaii.

August 1965 – January 1966

Image035_KathleenGorham_Swanilda_CoppeliaAct3_1962_PhotoDarrylSmythe_731x965 Three principal artists leave the company and four dancers are promoted to principal rank.


Marilyn Jones & Garth Welch, Illyria, The Australian Ballet circa 1966_730x882 The Australian Ballet Society is formed in Melbourne.

15 February 1966

Moomba_1966_730x978 The company presents its first open-air performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

7 March 1966

Kathleen Gorham and artists of The Australian Ballet in Elektra, 1966. Photographer unknown, National Archives of Australia Robert Helpmann’s Elektra premieres in Adelaide.

15 March 1966

Garth Welch and Marilyn Jones in Rudolf Nureyev's Raymonda Rudolf Nureyev’s Raymonda has its Australian premiere in Adelaide.

25 March 1966

067-NAA-PERMISSION-REQUIRED_730x912 The Australian Ballet embarks on a third international tour.

February – July 1967

MarilynJones_Lise_LaFillemalgardeeAct 1_1967_730x898 The company performs its only Australian season for the year, La Fille mal gardée at Sydney’s Tivoli Theatre.

12 October – 6 December 1967

083-Carolyn-Rappel,-Coppelia,-n.d.-Photo-Gregory-McCloskey_731x1089 The company gives its 1000th performance – a matinee of Coppélia.

25 November 1967

The Australian Ballet celebrate their new premises in Mt Alexander Road, Flemington. Photo Paul Cox The company moves into a former tyre factory in Flemington provided by the Melbourne City Council.


Image028_KathleenGeldard_in_LesSylphides_1962_PhotoDarrylSmythe_730x950 The Australian Ballet embarks on a tour of South East Asia, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

February – April 1968

JosephineJason_KelvinCoe_SunMusic_PhotoPaulCrowley_730x915 Sun Music breaks all attendance records of The Australian Ballet at its Sydney premiere.

2 August 1968

T319 4CBW 68 Threshold brings a new movement vocabulary to the company.

16 August 1968

Wendy Walker and Marilyn Rowe in Papua New Guinea, 1969. Photo I&ES The Australian Ballet performs at a rugby league oval in Port Moresby.

20 May 1969

AUB50th_60_0063_730x934 The renowned New York-based choreographer Anthony Tudor arrives in Australia.

11 July 1969

Kelvin Coe and Marilyn Rowe in The Last Vision, 1969 Marilyn Rowe and Kelvin Coe launch their stellar partnership in Igor Moiseyev’s The Last Vision.

8 August 1969

RudolfNureyev_LucetteAldous_DonQuixote_730x1089 The Australian premiere of Rudolf Nureyev’s Don Quixote in Adelaide.

28 March 1970

103_COPYRIGHT_NLA_731x989 Peggy van Praagh becomes a Dame.

14 June 1970

Dancers of The Australian Ballet demonstrating outside the Canberra Theatre, 1970. Photographer unknown Disparities in pay cause unrest among the dancers, who eventually strike.

October 1970

T319 4CBW 140 The company embark on a 17-city, 69-performance, 10-week tour of the USA.

December 1970 – March 1971

Artists of The Australian Ballet in Othello, 1971. Photo Patrick Spaull Garth Welch’s Othello enters the company’s repertoire.

3 June 1971

ChoreographicWorkshop_program_1971-1730 The Australian Ballet’s first choreographic workshop is presented in Melbourne.

8 July 1971

LucelletAldous_KelvinCoe_Mam'zelleAngot_Massine-Lecocq_1971_731x917 The Ballets Russes choreographer Léonide Massine travels to Australia.

9 December 1971

John Lanchbery John Lanchbery is appointed Music Director of The Australian Ballet.

21 January 1972

008_RobertHelpmann_FrederickAshton_Cinderella_1972_clippingWomen'sWeekly_730x730 Helpmann invites Frederick Ashton to perform in the Australian premiere of Ashton’s Cinderella.

17 March 1972

IMG0004_730 Colin Peasley reminisces about filming Rudolf Nureyev’s Don Quixote.

December 1972

020 Rudolf Nureyve Don  Quixote filming rehearsal 1972. Photo Paul Cox_730 Robert Helpmann and Rudolf Nureyev make Nureyev’s production of Don Quixote into a film starring The Australian Ballet.

December 1972 – January 1973

Lucette Aldous and Rudy Bryans in Carmen, 1973 The Friends of The Australian Ballet NSW is formed.


Marilyn Rowe and John Meehan in Gemini. Photo Gregory Weight Glen Tetley creates the sinuous, edgy work Gemini on The Australian Ballet.

March – April 1973

GaryNorman_MarilynRowe_Concerto_PhotoBrancoGaica_730x866 The company acquires its first work by British wunderkind Kenneth MacMillan.

May 1973

Dame Peggy van Praagh with Kelvin Coe and Marilyn Rowe in rehearsals in Moscow, 1973 Kelvin Coe and Marilyn Rowe win silver medals in Moscow.

June 1973

T319 BW 102 The film of Don Quixote premieres at the brand-new Sydney Opera House.

19 July 1973

Photo009_KelvinCoe_AnthonyHamilton-Smith_Moscow_1973_PhotoDavidFormby730x1107 The Australian Ballet tours the USSR in difficult conditions.

August – September 1973

MarilynJones_JohnMeehan_TheSleepingBeauty_photographerunknown_730x1141 The Australian Ballet begins its long association with the Sydney Opera House as Garth Welch says farewell.

7 December 1973

John Meehan, Alida Chase and Ross Stretton in Perisynthion The premiere of Robert Helpmann’s Perisynthion, a companion to his Sun Music.

21 March 1974

RobertHelpmann_PhotoZoeDominic_730x1027 Robert Helpmann assumes sole directorship of the company as Peggy van Praagh relinquishes her position due to ill health.

11 June 1974

AUB50th_70_0256 Superman_730x964 Ballet ’74, The Australian Ballet’s choreographic workshop, is held in Canberra.

26 September 1974

A52111-12_MarilynRowe_KelvinCoe_Romeo&Juliet_PhotoDavidParker_1975_730x924 Anne Woolliams comes to Australia to stage John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet.

28 November 1974

017 Robert Helpmann in The Fool on the Hill_730x1093 British choreographer Gillian Lynne arrives to create The Australian Ballet’s first TV commission.

October 1975

LucetteAldous_KelvinCoe_TwoPigeons_David Parker_730x914 The Australian Ballet perform Frederick Ashton’s Monotones and Two Pigeons at a Royal Performance for Princess Margaret.

25 October 1975

124_730x930 The Merry Widow, the first full-length work commissioned by The Australian Ballet, has its world premiere in Melbourne.

13 November 1975

D52111-09-Marilyn-Rowe,-Colin-Peasley,-Rome-&-Juliet-Photo-David-Parker-1975_730 Robert Helpmann invites Colin Peasley to join the ballet staff.

16 December 1975

B52111-03-Margot-Fonteyn-&--John-Meehan.-The-Merry-Widow.-New-York-1976.-Photo-Martha-Swope_730 The company travels to the USA, where they perform The Merry Widow with a 57-year-old Margot Fonteyn.

8 June – 25 July 1976

C52111-12-Marilyn-Rowe-and-John-Meehan-ONEGIN-Photo-William-Moseley-1977_730 Anne Woolliams becomes artistic director and introduces John Cranko’s Onegin to the repertoire.

1 September 1976

JanetVernon_RossStretton_Glimpses_1976_DavidParker_730x966 Glimpses, created by Graeme Murphy, premieres in Canberra.

29 October 1976

image2012-05-09-121955_730x906 Carla Fracci performs as a guest of the company.


125_COPYRIGHT_PAC_731x971 Danilo Radojevic wins Australia’s first gold medal in Moscow.

June 1977

133-129_731x1027_web Anne Woolliams resigns as artistic director.

25 August 1977

T319 4CBW 132 Anne Woolliams’ Swan Lake premieres in Melbourne.

19 October 1977

nla.pic-vn3084594_730x907 Peggy van Praagh becomes artistic director once again and the company gets its first work by Jerome Robbins.

23 November 1977

AUB50th_70_0286_730x862 Graeme Murphy’s first commissioned piece for the company premieres.

15 May 1978

Photo-006-Marilyn-Jones-&-Jonathan-Kelly-rehease-Anne-Woolliams-Swan-Lake-1978-Flemington-studios.-Photo-Michael-Cook730x1102 Marilyn Jones retires from the stage.

19 September 1978

Marilyn Rowe in Don Quixote Marilyn Rowe and Kelvin Coe become the first Australian artists to appear as guests of the Bolshoi Ballet.

October 1978

MarilynRowe_GaryNorman_Spartacus_PhotographyBrancoGaica_Spart004_731x991 The Australian premiere of László Seregi’s Spartacus.

26 October 1978

Ann Jenner and Kelvin Coe in Coppelia Act 3, 1979 Dame Peggy van Praagh gives the company a new version of Coppélia with costumes by Kristian Fredrikson.

22 February 1979

Artists of The Australian Ballet rehearsing Don Quixote at the Herod Atticus amphitheatre, Athens, 1979. Photographer unknown The company embarks on its 12th international tour, visiting Greece, Israel and Turkey.

August 1979

AUB50th_70_0116_730x1084 Marilyn Jones is appointed artistic director and commissions a new full-length work of Anna Karenina.

December 1979

GaryNorman_ShereedaCosta_Scheherazade_circa1980s_Print004_730x920 The Australian Ballet’s first season for the year is A Tribute to Borovansky.

21 March 1980

JuliedeCosta_MarilynJones_1980_BrancoGaica_730x908 Marilyn Jones launches The Dancers Company.

May 1980

AndrewBaxter_DavidPalmer_JohnDovey_AlanCross_BeyondTwelve_PhotographyBrancoGaica_730x937_web Graeme Murphy’s Beyond Twelve premieres at the Sydney Opera House.

8 May 1980

192_AttheGreatWallofChina_1980_730x1097_web The Australian Ballet tours China.

June 1980

Joanne Michel and Gary Norman in Suite en Blanc Serge Lifar visits The Australian Ballet to stage his ballet Suite en blanc.

18 March 1981

Mexico_1981_730 The company travels to Mexico to perform The Merry Widow.

8 May 1981

176_COPYRIGHT_HWT_PAC_731x1045 The Three Musketeers is a showcase for the company’s male dancers.

5 October 1981

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1981 The dancers go on strike for 26 days.

22 October 1981

T319 BW 159 The company presents six one-act ballets throughout the year and an astonishing five full-length works.


marilyn rowe_731x908 Marilyn Jones resigns and Marilyn Rowe is appointed ballet director, while the search begins for a new artistic director.

15 January 1982

maina_rehearsing_730 Maina Gielgud is appointed The Australian Ballet’s artistic director.

December 1982

B12_02_730 David McAllister and Steven Heathcote join the corps de ballet.

20 January 1983

KelvinCoe_MarilynRowe_PillarofFire_1983_BrancoGaica_730x907 Kelvin Coe is invited back to the company as a guest artist.

August 1983

T319 4CBW 135 Former stars Marilyn Rowe and Kelvin Coe perform in the company’s first simulcast with ABC TV.

17 September 1983

Christine Walsh and Jonathan Kelly in La Fille Mal Gardee Act 1, 1984 The company’s performance of La Fille Mal Gardée at the Myer Music Bowl is a smash.

6 March 1984

image2012-05-08-163908_730 Maina Gielgud initiates an international dancer exchange program.

April 1984

Christine Walsh and David Ashmole in Maina Gielgud's The Sleeping Beauty, 1984 The State Theatre at the Victorian Arts Centre opens with Maina Gielgud’s new production of The Sleeping Beauty.

30 October 1984

BuildingSite1986_JeffBusby_730x1120 Work begins on the new Ballet Centre in South Melbourne.


T319 4CBW 163 The premiere of Robert Ray's The Sentimental Bloke.

8 May 1985

T319 IM 0965 Erik Bruhn returns to Australia to stage his production of La Sylphide.

15 October 1985

Mark Pace, Marilyn Rowe and Chris Goldsworthy in The Merry Widow, 1985. Photo David Parker Marilyn Rowe and John Meehan are invited to dance the lead roles in every performance of the 10th-anniversary season of The Merry Widow.

November 1985

David McAllister and Elizabeth Toohey in Don Quixote with the Bolshoi Ballet_1986_730 It’s a bumper year for international guesting.


RobertHelpmann_RedKing_Checkmate_PhotoGregoryMcCloskey_1986_731x1099 Robert Helpmann rises from his hospital bed to play the role of the frail, beleaguered Red King in Checkmate.

6 May 1986

ChristineWalsh_KelvinCoe_Giselle_PhotoJeffBusby_730 Maina Gielgud stages a new production of Giselle.

12 September 1986

Marilyn Jones, Julie da Costa, Maina Gielgud and Marilyn Rowe in Pas De Quatre Marilyn Jones, Marilyn Rowe, Julie da Costa and Maina Gielgud play the bitchy ballerinas in the 19th-century satire Pas de Quatre.

19 November 1986

LaBayadere_KingdomoftheShades_1987_PhotoBrancoGaica_730x813 It's another marathon year for the company: they perform four full-length ballets and fourteen one-act ballets.


023_StevenHeathcote_AdamMarchant_DavidAshmole_Orpheus_PhotoBrancoGaica_1987_730 Glen Tetley returns to The Australian Ballet to create Orpheus.

February 1987

Kenneth McMillan and Monica Parker, 1987. Photo Branco Gaica Kenneth Macmillan’s elegiac Songs of the Earth enters the repertoire.

April 1987

David McAllister and Elizabeth Toohey in Grand Tarantella, 1985. Photo David Simmonds David McAllister and Elizabeth Toohey guest with the famed Kirov Ballet.


The Australian Ballet Centre, Southbank, c.1988 The Australian Ballet moves to its new purpose-built home in Southbank, Melbourne.

18 February 1988

LB 12_730 The company makes a triumphant tour to the ballet meccas of London, St Petersburg and Moscow.

June – August 1988

Steven Heathcote and Lisa Bolte in The Competition, 1994. Photo Jim McFarlane More famous dance teachers come to Australia to work with the company.


Production Manager Michael Williams with Mrs Nancye Cain at the opening of The Australian Ballet Production Division There is great rejoicing among the dancers and staff when the wardrobe department is finally moved into the new premises in Southbank.

4 April 1989

Fiona Tonkin and David McAllister in La Fille mal gardée, 1989. Photo David Simmonds The Australian Broadcasting Commission film the company’s performance of La Fille mal gardée.

20 June 1989

Fiona Tonkin and Steven Heathcote in Onegin, 1990. Photo Branco Gaica The Ballet Club, the first formal organisation of donors to The Australian Ballet, is formed.


John Moulto, Tony Elton, Rosemary Mildner, Bill Akers, Peggy van Praagh, Leon Kellaway and Ray Powell, 1964 Dame Peggy van Praagh dies after a long and debilitating illness.

15 January 1990

AUB50th_90s_0589_730 Stephen Baynes makes his first commissioned work for The Australian Ballet.

4 May 1990

018-Steven-Heathcote-Spartacus.-Photo-Earl-Carter-1990_730x1083 The Australian Ballet tours New York, Washington DC and Costa Mesa.

July – August 1990

Li Cunxin and Mary McKendry in Esmerela Pas de deux, 1990. Photo Don McMurdo. Courtesy National Library of Australia Four gala performances are given in Sydney.

November 1990

AUB50th_90s_0669_c_731x1165 Stanton Welch kicks off his choreographic career with Of Blessed Memory.

18 October 1991

Noel Pelly,  former Administrator The Australian Ballet Photo Earl Carter 1988_730x912 Noel Pelly, an original member of the The Australian Ballet’s staff, retires.

30 November 1991

2186 Fiona Tonkin & Steven Heathcote, Giselle Act 2 Photo Branco Gaica 1992_730x838 Friends of The Australian Ballet (SA) is established.

28 January 1992

MargaretScott_in_TheNutcracker_photoJimMcFarlane_730x805 Graeme Murphy makes Nutcracker – The Story of Clara on The Australian Ballet.

12 March 1992

T319 4CBW 227 The Australian Ballet tours to Nervi, Italy and to London.

June – July 1992

Kelvin Coe in rehearsals at The Australian Ballet Flemington studios, 1971. Photo Paul Cox Kelvin Coe dies at the age of 42.

July 1992

Lucette Aldous, Sir Robert Helpmann and Rudolf Nureyev in the curtain call for Raymonda, 1971 Rudolf Nureyev dies.

6 January 1993

Colin Peasley_PhotoGillesTerrier_731x987 The company launches its first extensive education program.

March 1993

Choreographer Jiří Kylián Choreographic superstar Jiří Kylián come to Australia.

August – September 1993

216_730x1113 A star-studded year of guest artists.


Lynette Wills in Manon, 1994 The Patrons program is created.

January 1994

Justine Summers in a photo shoot for Divergence. Photo Jim McFarlane The world premiere of Divergence, a one-act work by Stanton Welch.

1 September 1994

02 William Akers AM 1987. Photographer tbc_730x1094 The lighting designer William “Bill” Akers retires.

23 December 1994

T319 IM 0549-2 Maina Gielgud invites Stanton Welch to make his first full-length work on the company.


Helene Shields, Adrianne Burnett and Lynette Wills in The Sentimental Bloke, 1995. Photo Jim McFarlane Telstra becomes The Australian Ballet’s principal sponsor, providing vital support that continues to this day.

February 1995

StephenBaynes_PhotoJeffBusby_730x1004 The Australian Ballet appoints two resident choreographers.

21 September 1995

Lisa Pavane and Greg Horsman in Coppélia Act One, 1992. Photo Jim McFarlane Maina Gielgud spends her last year with The Australian Ballet.


Artists of The Australian Ballet in Meryl Tankard’s The Deep End, 1996. Photo Jim McFarlane Meryl Tankard makes The Deep End with the company.

September 1996

Artists of The Australian Ballet in Alchemy, 1996. Photo Jim McFarlane The fruitful collaboration between Bangarra Dance Theatre and The Australian Ballet begins.

13 September 1996

114 COPYRIGHT PAC_730x1042 Ross Stretton replaces Maina Gielgud as artistic director.

January 1997

Damien Welch and Miranda Coney in Cinderella, 1997 Photo Jim McFarlane The premiere of Stanton Welch’s full-length ballet Cinderella.

21 February 1997

T319 IM 0731 The premiere of Rites at the Melbourne Festival.

29 October 1997

Darcey Bussell & Damien Welch, La Bayadere, The Australian Ballet 1998_730 Natalia Makarova arrives in Australia to stage her version of La Bayadère.

February 1998

Artists of The Australian Ballet in an impromptu photograph for 1914, 1988. Photo Branco Gaica Stephen Baynes premieres his first full-length work for The Australian Ballet.

7 April 1998

244-0614_730x1117_web Natalie Weir’s Dark Lullaby is created for The Australian Ballet.

1 July 1998

Steven Heathcote and Vicki Attard in Rites, 1999 The company visits New Zealand, Singapore, China and the USA.


Vicki Attard and Li Cunxin in Onegin, 1996. Photo Jim McFarlane Li Cunxin, the former Houston Ballet star, retires from The Australian Ballet.

2 March 1999

Lisa Bolte and Robert Curran in At the edge of night, 1999. Photo Branco Gaica The company wows New York with its program of works by Australian choreographers.

October 1999

Ross Stretton in Spartacus. Photo Branco Gaica Artistic Director Ross Stretton announces he will be leaving The Australian Ballet.

March 2000

Mirror Mirror _Sarah Peace_731x1159 Newly-appointed resident choreographer Natalie Weir produces her full-length ballet Mirror Mirror.

16 June 2000

Geon van der Wyst, Harry Haythorne, Colin Peasley and Miranda Coney in The Merry Widow, 2000. Photo Branco Gaica The company performs at the Sydney Olympics Arts Festival.

August – September 2000

TheDancersCompany_JABULA_PhotoJimMcFarlane_2001_730x898 Telstra strengthens its relationship with The Australian Ballet as Telstra Countrywide becomes principal sponsor of The Dancers Company.


Tivoli---Photo-Jeff-Busby730 For the Centenary of Federation celebrations, The Australian Ballet teams up with the Sydney Dance Company.

18 May 2001

Artists of The Australian Ballet in Requiem, 2001 The premiere of Natalie Weir’s Carmina Burana and Stephen Baynes’ Requiem.

23 May 2001

David McAllister & Miranda Coney, Giselle 2001 (final performance)_730 David McAllister takes over as artistic director.

18 July 2001

LesSylph_115_730x1095 Lucinda Dunn and Robert Curran are promoted to principal rank on the same day.

10 September 2001

Nicole Rhodes_Robert Curran MERCURIAL MANOEUVRES Photo Jim McFarlane 2002_730x925 The Australian Ballet collaborates with Australia’s oldest dance company, the West Australian Ballet.

August 2002

282-283_730 David McAllister’s first commission as artistic director is Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake.

17 September 2002

Matt_730x898 The Telstra Ballet Dancer Award is established, on the eve of the company’s 40th birthday, with the aim of nurturing young talent.

1 November 2002

Olivia Bell and Matthew Trent in Suite en blanc in the Beyond 40 Gala The Australian Ballet turns 40, and celebrates with a series of gala events titled Beyond 40.

2 November 2002

Wild Swans - Alexa Heckmann photo Brainco Gaica 2003_730x1133 The Australian Ballet commissions three new works from Australian choreographers.


Lynette Wills and Joshua Consandine in The Three Musketeers, 2003. Photo Jim McFarlane The company has more dancers, and so is able to tour as a split company.

April 2003

Matthew Lawrence. Photo Justin Smith The inaugural Telstra Ballet Dancer Award is announced.

October 2003

La Fille mal gardee_Lucinda Dunn_Matthew Lawrence_730x1091 The Australian Ballet celebrates the centenary of two choreographic luminaries.


Daniel Gaudiello and Jes'se Passamani in Middle Point, 2004. Photo Sean Izzard Bodytorque has its inaugural season.

6 July 2004

UKSwanLakeTour_2005_HighCommFunction_PhotoJulianKingma_034_730x1085 The International Touring Fund is established by the South Australian philanthropist Frances Gerard.


UK Swan Lake Tour 2005 Corps de Ballet On-stage Photo Julian Kingma_730x1194 The Australian Ballet takes Swan Lake to Cardiff and London.

July 2005

Welch and Dunn in Sleeping Beauty 2005 photo Jim McFarlane_730 Stanton Welch’s new version of The Sleeping Beauty plays up the struggle between good and evil.

14 September 2005

Anton Dolin, Irina Baronova and Anna Volkova in Les Sylphides, 1938. Courtesy of National Library of Australia The Australian Ballet, the National Library of Australia and The University of Adelaide commemorate Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes.

January 2006

Madeliene Eastoe_Robert Curran in the Pilbara WA Photo Carolyn Glazier_730 Pirouettes in the Pilbara!

June 2006

AB Dancer Amber Scott in Shanghai_ Photo Lisa Tomasetti 001_730 The company perform The Sleeping Beauty in Auckland and Swan Lake in Shanghai.

October 2006

Alice Topp with students Out There workshop. Photo James Braund 2007_730x1066 Out There – The Australian Ballet in schools begins.

26 November 2006

Rehearsals and Class Japan 2007 Photo Nana Sakai 347_730x898 The Australian Ballet tours to Japan with The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.

July 2007

Steven Heathcote during the curtain call for After the Rain© – his final performance, 2007 Steven Heathcote retires after hitting every height in a luminous 25-year career.

3 July 2007

sunset700 A performance of Peter Wright’s spectacular production of The Nutcracker is filmed live at the Sydney Opera House.

7 December 2007

March1808-114_730x1095 The Australian Ballet joins global celebrations honouring the genius of Jerome Robbins.

30 April 2008

Carlos Acosta portrait 2, Royal Opera House International dance star Carlos Acosta partners Kirsty Martin in Afternoon of a Faun.

June 2008

Laura Tong in Stephen Baynes' The Night Path, 2008. Photo Jeff Busby The company commissions three new works set to three new scores.

28 August 2008

F1AW8162_730x968 After an absence of 43 years the company returns to Paris.

September – October 2008

Adam Bull and Olivia Bell in Grand Pas Classique, 2008. Photo Jim McFarlane The company’s progressive maternity scheme encourages six dancers to take the leap into parenthood.


Lucinda Dunn and Robert Curran in Graeme Murphy’s Nutracker – The Story of Clara, 2009. Photo Branco Gaica Telstra and The Australian Ballet celebrate 25 years of partnership.

February 2009

Lana Jones and Kevin Jackson Firebird photo Alex Makeyev_730x898 The program Firebird and other legends is performed in the final year of the Ballets Russes project.

24 February 2009

Out There – The Australian Ballet in schools. Photo Fiona Howat The Out There – The Australian Ballet in schools program extends beyond Victoria and NSW.

21 April 2009

_JIM1775_730 The Concord program brings two of the most in-demand choreographers on the planet to The Australian Ballet, and the dancers are buzzing.

21 August 2009

Lady Primrose Potter with principal artists of The Australian Ballet, 2010. Photo Jess Bialek The Ian Potter Foundation gives the company a transformative gift of eight million dollars.

10 February 2010

Juliet Burnett, The Silver Rose photo David Kelly_D9H5571_730x945 Graeme Murphy’s full-length ballet The Silver Rose is reproduced for the company.

26 February 2010

Kevin Jackson, Lana Jones and Daniel Gaudiello following their promotion to principal artists, 2010. Photo Jess Bialek David McAllister announces three new principal artists after Telstra Ballet in the Stadium.

6 November 2010

Dana Stephensen and Ty King-Wall, 2010 There are two winners of the 2010 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.

3 December 2010

Leanne-Stojmenov-Andrew-Killian-Amber-Scott-The-Australian-Ballet-Photo-by-Jess-Bialek730 The second triple promotion in two years is announced after opening night of the British Liaisons program in Sydney.

3 May 2011

Kirsty-Martin-The-Merry-Widow-pic-Paul-Empson730-1 Kirsty Martin retires to spend more time with her two children and husband Damien Welch.

4 July 2011

Lucinda Dunn and her eldest daughter, Claudia, 2011. Photo Jasmin Tulk Acclaimed Principal Artist Lucinda Dunn notches up 20 years with the company.

29 July 2011

TAB ROMEO & JULIET photo JEFF BUSBY_1135_730x1094 Graeme Murphy is invited back to The Australian Ballet to make his third version of an iconic ballet favourite.

13 September 2011

Robert Curran in The Merry Widow, 2011. Photo Jeff Busby Robert Curran retires after his final performance as Danilo in The Merry Widow.

26 November 2011

Dancers of The Australian Ballet at the 50th anniversary season launch, 2011. Photo Lynette Wills The Australian Ballet reaches its 50th year with some impressive numbers under its belt.


Marilyn Jones and David McAllister, 2012. Photo Teagan Glenane The Australian Ballet holds the first of its 50th birthday celebrations.

11 February 2012

Ella Havelka and Jake Mangakahia, Warumuk, photo by JEFF BUSBY_2321_730 The 50th anniversary season begins with Infinity, an all-new program of commissioned Australian works.

24 February 2012

LB 10_730 Former Principal Artist Lisa Bolte remembers being chosen to dance the role of Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty at the age of 21.

January 1988

Reiko Hombo The Australian Ballet 2 Times Square Photo by Lisa Tomasetti_730x855 The company wows audiences in New York City on a special 50th anniversary tour.

12 June 2012

Adam Bull and Amber Scott in Stephen Baynes' Swan Lake. Photo Jeff Busby Stephen Baynes creates a new version of Swan Lake in honour of The Australian Ballet's first performance in 1962.

18 September 2012

TAB 50th ANN GALA photo Jeff Busby_1044_730 The Australian Ballet celebrates its “actual” birthday with a lavish gala, held at Arts Centre Melbourne and beamed to live sites and regional cinemas around the country.

2 November 2012

Colin Peasley as Catalabutte, The Sleeping Beauty. Photogapy Earl Carter 1988_730 After 50 years and more than 6400 performances with The Australian Ballet, founding member Colin Peasley hangs up his dancing shoes.

19 December 2012

Felicia Palanca & Sarah Peace Bella Figura photo Jeff Busby 2001 resized_730 The Australian Ballet perform Jiří Kylián’s lyrical Bella Figura for the first time.

24 August 2000

Don Q 2013_124_730x1095 The Russian superstars Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev find time in their busy schedules to perform with The Australian Ballet in Don Quixote.

16 March 2013

Ty King-Wall is promoted to principal artist onstage after performing as Basilio in Don Quixote.

6 April 2013

kristian Fredrikson 001_730 The Australian Ballet's Wardrobe Production Manager Michael Williams recalls the design process of the talented Kristian Fredrikson in a beautiful video by The Apiary.


After its screaming success eight years earlier, Frederick Ashton's Cinderella is brought back to the stage.

October 1980

Leanne Stojmenov and Daniel Gaudiello in Alexei Ratmansky's Cinderella The world premiere in Melbourne of a new Cinderella by Alexei Ratmansky wows audiences and critics.

17 September 2013